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i am in no way affiliated with the supreme company, nor do i claim ownership of the supreme logo or any of the original pictures i edit.
if i have edited your personal photo, message me and i will give you credit for the original.


it’s only available for pc/mac i believe. you download it from and it works similar to photoshop


i literally just googled “supereme logo” and picked one haha


i’m not sure but i don’t think you could get gimp on an ipod. i’m not sure what other apps are out there…maybe search for photoshop in the app store?


it’s not an app it’s a software called GIMP


i use a software called GIMP


i’m kind of confused by this question…


I cannot make edits at the moment because I changed the software on my computer and cannot run my photo editing program so i need editors ASAP!!!

message me for details if you’re SERIOUSLY interested

Please someone help me because I can’t make any edits right now!!

(via supreme-edits)